equipment leasing san diego

Why The Vendor Matters

Experience has demonstrated that satisfied customers are simply more likely to pay their leases on time, every time. Their satisfaction rests in the hands of you, their vendor. Promising what you can deliver and delivering what you promise is beneficial for business as it creates a satisfied customer. Factors taken into consideration include accurate representation of your equipment, pricing, prompt delivery, condition of equipment upon delivery, and your ability to provide parts and service per the warranty. Your ability to stand behind and deliver what you promise matters!

We Both Have A Stake In The Deal

The way we see it, Leasing Innovations, Incorporated is entering into a multi-year relationship with each of your customers, and will build a partnership with you. We will work together to make certain that your customers are satisfied. It is in your interest to be sure that your customers are directed to a reputable and reliable Leasing Company, and it is in our interest to ensure every Lessee purchases from a stable, experienced, and honest equipment Vendor.

Size Is Irrelevant

Whether your company has established global recognition and hundreds of offices, or has one location and is simply known amid your neighborhood, a vendor credit check must be completed.

Vendor Qualification and Approval

A simple one-time credit approval is conducted "Why Do I Need To Be Approved?" They are, after all, your customers who are requesting the equipment lease. You are not the only Vendor to ask this question, which is why we put together this explanation for you.

We Can Respond To Your Clients...

Some clients who seek financing with LII may not always be fully informed about the vendor they chose to provide their prospective equipment. Having your businessís credit approval on-hand enables LII to respond to any uncertainties your customer may have about you. We can present facts and represent you in a positive light.

What exactly does LII seek for tour one-time credit approval?

A completed credit application.
Your company's overall standing.
Time in business.
Satisfactory bank and trade references.
Much of this information is attained from your Dun & Bradstreet report. The D&B report reveals your paydex, credit rating, and any public filings you may have. Each of the aforementioned are factors in your approval.