equipment leasing san diego

Conserve Your Credit And Capital!

Leasing enables you to obtain equipment without utilizing a credit line, applying for a bank loan, or draining your savings account. Your lease payments not only conserve your capital and credit lines, but also leave you with a certain comfort knowing that your finances are not tied up for when they are needed most. Furthermore, leasing does not require a large up-front sum of cash, as first and last payments are usually all that is needed.

110% Financing

In addition to financing the equipment you are acquiring, LII also includes the shipping, delivery, installation, and training "soft" costs into your payments. Our ability to finance the entire transaction makes your acquisition easy, and prevents you from shelling out for those additional costs on the spot.

It's Fixed!

Your rates and payments are fixed for the life of the lease. They will not change even if conventional interest rates increase.

Competition, Competition Get The Competitive Edge!

Leasing affords you the opportunity to stay competitive and gain that edge over the other businesses in your industry. You may acquire the latest technology to help boost your business.

No Prepayment Penalty

Unlike other financial institutions, LII will not penalize you should you decide to payoff your lease early. This saves you money!

What dollar amount can be financed, and for what term?

One may lease equipment for a minimum of $1,000, to in excess of $30,000,000, while 12 - 60 month term leases are available.

Extremely Competitive Rates

We work hard to continually offer you competitive, low tax-exempt rates. Acquiring Your Equipment.

Obtain What You Need Now!

When you lease, you can acquire and utilize your needed equipment without delay. Furthermore, you will reap the benefits of your leased equipment before a payment is required to be made.

What type's of companies utilize leasing?.

Lease financing has become the primary means of obtaining equipment for business owners like you. Nearly 80% of all businesses utilize leasing to acquire the equipment that is needed to help them grow and stay competitive! Leasing Innovations, Incorporated will finance your Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship, large and small.

What are the benefits of Leasing?
There are several reasons why one should opt to lease equipment in place of its alternatives - paying cash, utilizing a credit card, or obtaining a loan from the bank. The main reason is simply that leasing is more beneficial to your business as it solves the problems that are typically encountered with your traditional payment methods. How, you ask? Here is why you should lease your equipment: The Pocket Book Appeal

Hedge Against Obsolescence

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. Keeping your equipment current is quite the challenge as upgrades can be rather costly. Leasing gives you access to the most current equipment, which alleviates you of these high costs. LII can structure your lease to incorporate frequent upgrades through trade-ins with equipment lease renewals. This preserves your budgetary monies and increases productivity!
Additional Advantages to Leasing:
Ownership of Equipment: You will own the equipment upon the completion of the term.
Trade-In Value: Trade in your leased equipment and attain credit to put toward your next purchase.
Leasing Is Easy & Fast: Simple paperwork makes leasing a breeze. No wonder why it's the fastest growing form of equipment financing! Now that you have caught a glimpse of why leasing is a beneficial means of obtaining your needed equipment, you must be asking how this process works. Leasing with LII is simple. Our step-by-step guide leads you through the process of a commercial transaction.