equipment leasing san diego

Operating Equipment

Energy Management, Lighting, HVAC Systems, Modular Buildings, Water Treatment/Storage, Air Purification, Prison Equipment, Gas/Electric/Water Meters, Electronic Home Monitoring Systems and more.

Essential Vehicles

School Buses, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Cars, Snow Plows, Salt Spreaders, Transit Buses, Tow Trucks, Street Sweepers, Sewer Vacuums, Sanitation Trucks, Rescue Vehicles, Dump Trucks and more.

What Dollar Amount Can Be Financed, And For What Term?

One may lease equipment for a minimum of $1,000, to over $30,000,000; 12 - 60 month term leases are available.

Information Management

Geographic Information Systems, Mainframe Computers, Printers PC's, CRT's, Disc Drives, Tape Drives, Modems, Software Microfilm Systems, Mail Processors, Copiers, Office Machines and more.

Communication Equipment

PBX Phone Systems, Emergency 911 Phone Systems, Fax Machines, Two Way Radios, Radio Towers, Base Stations, Satellite Dishes, Alarms and Signals, Mobile Communication Command Vehicles and more.

Medical Equipment

X-ray Systems, CAT Scans, Blood Analyzers, Mammography Equipment, Magnetic Resonance Imagers, Lithotripters, Dialysis Equipment, Gamma Cameras, Radiology Equipment, Patient Monitors, Testing Equipment, EEG's and more.

Other Capital Assets

Fleet Automobiles, Construction Equipment, Pavers, Fork Lifts Refuse Containers, Compactors, Trenchers, Graders, Backhoes, Cranes, Printing Presses, Restaurant Equipment, Parking Meters, Modular Buildings, Greenhouses, Digital Editing Equipment and more.