equipment leasing san diego

Credit Requirements

We specialize in creative financing. If your client has less than perfect credit we focus on being creative with our lease proposals to ensure the client will be approved for financing.

Broker Qualifications

We prefer a stable history with at least three companies, however we are flexible and will work with new brokers to create a positive track record. As we close more deals together your commissions will be higher.

Lease Size Requirements

We do not have a minimum or maximum for deal sizes. We can finance and size deal you bring to our company.

What dollar amount can be financed, and for what term?

One may lease equipment for a minimum of $1,000, to over $30,000,000; 12 - 60 month term leases are available.

Type of Equipment

There are no virtually limits to the equipment a company can lease through LII. See our Equipment List for a complete list.


The commission paid depends on the deal. No two leases are the same and the commission will reflect the particular deal.