equipment leasing san diego

Who Are We?

Leasing Innovations, Incorporated ("LII") is a $70 million-dollar independent equipment finance company. LII has been in operation since 1989, and has offices located in Boston and San Diego. Leasing Innovations provides flexible and creative financing with Capital and Operating lease structures. These programs are offered nationally in all 50 states.

How Do We Fund?

LII offers flexible payment structures to fit the needs of lessees, and provides finance transactions ranging from $1,000 to in excess of $30,000,000. This is available through our own internal source of funding. Such independence enables LII to offer Vendors and their customers innovative, specialized services, and exceptionally attractive rates at no additional cost. This rarity allows Leasing Innovations to set itself apart from other lease finance companies that are controlled by large banks, financial institutions, or manufacturers.

How Do We Operate?

LII's professional staff is comprised of a variety of individuals that have pooled their knowledge, expertise, and abilities to form a company that is a leader in its respective industry. The staff at LII helps to ease vendors and lessees through our leasing process, which consists of 4 departments: Sales, Credit, Documentation, and Funding. Service is our number one priority. From personally answered telephone calls, to customized lease contracts; we strive to provide services that are responsive and tailored to each client's needs.

What Do We Lease?

Leasing Innovations, Incorporated leases virtually all types of equipment. Even "soft costs", such as shipping, installation, and training, which often accompany a leased piece of equipment, are included. Some equipment that is commonly leased includes furniture, medical, transportation (cars, trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, and buses), communications, data processing, graphic, electronic measurement, telecom, wireless, high tech, semiconductor, and energy savings equipment.

Who are our clients?

LII operates and has devd an exprtise in five realms of leasing. We provide equipment for Municipal, Commercial, Not For Profit, Federal, and Tribal organizations. LII possesses an extensive base of repeat customers that range in size from IBM, Holiday Inn, New York Jets, Coca-Cola, Denver Broncos, Harvard University, Columbia University, the University of Massachusetts, and the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe, to the neighborhood restaurant or gas station owner.